What You Can Expect To Find At Occupational Therapy Schools

Occupational therapy schools can vary greatly in both the quality of education they offer and their difficulty in getting in. Unless you have already been to an occupational therapy school which is a combined Bachelor/Master s degree program (which aren’t as common), you will first have to obtain your Bachelor s Degree. Most occupational therapy programs are either Bachelor s/Doctorate s programs. But in the United States, most accredited occupational therapy schools require students to also get either a Bachelor or Associate s degree before graduating from formal OT training. And if you have a situation where you must relocate within the U.S.,  it would be wise to contact your occupational therapy schools ahead of time to make sure they are still accepting on-campus positions once you are done finishing your OT training.

If you are looking to become an occupational therapist, you can get started by completing your undergraduate work at a community college, a junior college or a vocational/technical school. In order to qualify, you usually have to have taken a course like psychology, sociology, or human services administration. Once you have these general education credits, you can start looking for Occupational Therapy School that you would like to attend. Your first step is to decide what field you want to work in once you complete your OT degree. Occupational therapy schools generally offer a wide range of different programs and courses so it’s important to pick one that has programs that match what you want to do.

After you determine what you want to do, you should write a personal statement that sums up your talents, skills, interests, goa, ls, and experiences in one sentence. The best way to write a personal statement is by relating it to your occupational therapy career. Let the occupational therapy schools know in your statement how your interests and goals complement the programs they offer. You should also let them know if you have any professional references that can serve as examples of people who you can depend on in your work.

When you have completed your four years four-year degree, you can then work towards getting your master’s or doctorate degree. r to be eligible for either of these degrees, you must have a bachelor’s degree as well. A few OT therapy schools do not require a bachelor’s degree but most do. Many OT schools require that you have a master’s or doctoral degree before becoming licensed.

Some of the requirements for OT graduate programs include having a BS in Psychology or Human Services. If you have a BS in Nursing, you will have to complete a specified number of credits to be eligible for a combined bachelor and graduate degree in Occupational Therapy. There is also a technical requirement that you have a 3.0-grade point average. For more specific information, you can contact the occupational therapy schools you are interested in attending. They should be able to give you the information you need.

If you are considering attending an OT school on the East Coast, you might want to look into the OT courses that they have available at the University of Florida. Their Bachelor’s degree program in Occupational Therapy is offered through the Department of Labor. If you live somewhere on the East Coast, you might even consider the University of Alabama’s Occupational Therapy Master’s program. They have been offering the Master’s program since 1979  and are one of the top schools in the nation for this field of study.

Many occupational therapy schools require proof of prior working experience within the field of psychology. Typically this proof comes from working within a hospital, nursing home, or medic, al clinic. Many of these schools require that you have not worked in the same position for more than two years. This is because occupational therapy is often more hands-on than clinical psychology. As such, many doctors who choose this career fill in the gaps left behind by another member of staff by performing tasks like:

There are also OT colleges that offer a Master’s degree as a post-graduate. A few of the course work that is required to complete this degree includes human development, psychology of behavior, occupational and communication skills, counseling, and therapy. Many occupational therapists choose to continue their education by becoming either  licensed therapists or certified clinical therapists. Once you have completed your OT courses, you will be ready to find a job within the field of occupational therapy.

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